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Check it out! dirt! – Konica Hexar AF, Fuji Velvia 100

To kill time on a flight to Salt Lake I decided to look at my iPhone Notes. I have about 75 items on here that I may never get back to. Music, stuff heard on NPR, inspirations, stuff I should remember… I have no idea what some of them are about. Here are some nuggets, verbatim. Let me know if you find anything interesting:

After Hours (Italian)
Battlefield band
Dwight Schrute – Rain Wilson – The Rocker
Frederick Weismann
Half Nelson, Sugar – docs
The Clown – Mingus
Sticky little leaves d’toyevsky – Easter
Photo of someone watching themself on TV
Video with just mechanical movement of earthmoving machines like The Navigator
Doves – jetstream
LC’s BBQ Kansas city – burnt brisket ends on white bread
The Passing Measures
Horrors, Sea Within a Sea
Simon Shama – The American Future
Toubab crew
The black stork – movie
Yoshida brothers erghen diado
Kangaroo Island rocks
Meat Spray
Black Moon – I got cha open


I’m torn between ‘Half Nelson, Sugar – docs’ and ‘Meat Spray’

posted by Greg Shumavon on 07.23.09 at 11:16 am

I almost orderd ribs from hogsfly.com and I put it in my Droid if I ever get to Menfis TN I am going their to get some ribs. Did you go their or did somone tell you about it?

I now own the Lowepro x200 Pro Roller, it works great on my wheelchair and thanks for the great youtube video, it was the reason I purchased the case.

Happy New Year

Steve Pisano

posted by Steve Pisano on 12.30.10 at 7:06 pm

Hey Steve, thanks for your comment. I didn’t go to hogsfly.com. I am pretty sure I heard about it on NPR and made a note of it. Good reminder, I need to go!. Glad the x200 is working out for you!

posted by akornylak on 12.30.10 at 8:03 pm

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