Road Trip for eBay and Rock/Creek Outfitters

Had a fun trip through Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia last weekend to shoot a couple video spots, one for eBay, and the other for Chattanooga, TN outfitter Rock/Creek, to promote their trail racing series.



Shooting BBs
On a journey for eBay in ol’ Kentuck with the new Panasonic HMC40

My assistant Sharif Hassan and I also got to shoot with the new Olympus E-P1 camera for the week, which is a ton of fun. It sports interchangable lenses, mounts for a variety of different manufacturers including Nikon and Leica, RAW shooting, and a movie mode. We both wore out the “Art” modes. The retro design felt a lot more usable in my hands than most tiny point and shoot cameras, but the OIympus pancake lenses made it easy to slip this thing into a pocket.

Rock Creek’s trail race series kicked off with the StumpJump 50K, a technical course through some new sections of the Cumberland Trail System. Besides shooting the race, I had the pleasure of interviewing some of the sport’s luminaries, including “Ultramarathon Man” Dean KarnazesKrissy Moehl (Female winner of the Tour Du Mont Blanc and 2nd in the Western States 100 this year), and Stump Jump champ Josh Wheeler. The field was pretty sick.
Makes me want to start running ultras…
Interviewing Patagonia rep and StumpJump founder Matt Simms, along with Mark McKnight, Marketing Director for Rock/Creek
Interviewing local favorite Jaclyn Greenhill
Beefy checking out the scenery at Green Life in Chattanooga between long shooting days. It’s hard work being a player.


I want an e-p1! those things look tighhhht

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