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How to break an Olympus E-3*

It wasn't easy.I had a chance to try out an Olympus E-3 DSLR for a while last month. Among other things, the magnesium E-3 body and Olympus Zukio lenses are known for their ruggedness. The whole system is billed as "splashproof and dustproof". The 10MP camera has been out ...

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Fast Light Fun

I go light and fast on a week-long photography assignment on Isle Royale for Boys Life Magazine

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Lowepro Classified AW Review

In late 2008, Lowepro introduced the Classified AW series of camera bags designed to "conceal photographers gear (and their mission) with a discreet and slim profile, contoured to be comfortable, move easily with the body and help navigate a busy street in Prague or a crowded ...

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