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Jam Jam : Jamaican Jerk video for Foodie TV

Short vibe of Jamaican Jerk I shot while in Montego Bay. Keep it hot yeah. Jamaican Jerk (Cinematographer, Editor) Produced by Modoc Stories for Music : "Jam Jam" by Jutah Rhymes / Chop Chop Studios  

View Jam Jam : Jamaican Jerk video for Foodie TV

Jutah Rhyme : Repatriation Song

While on assignment in Jamaica for Foodie TV I wandered into Chop Chop Productions, a recording studio in Negril. My director David was busy doing some work for Southern Living so I decided to spend the day with these cats. We listened to some music and shot an impromptu music video. ...

View Jutah Rhyme : Repatriation Song

Red Bull – New Music Videos

Last year I was fortunate to get together again with the band Little Tybee to do a special production for Red Bull. Red Bull asked Little Tybee to pick three locations important to them in Atlanta and record live music videos at each for their music program called "Sounds of the ...

View Red Bull – New Music Videos

Time Will Tell – Lucy Schwartz Music Video

DP'd this new music video for LA-based singer songwriter Lucy Schwartz. Thankful for the chance to meet this wonderful lady and to work again with the amazing Tom Haney. Visit Tom's blog for some behind-the-scenes of this one  ...

View Time Will Tell – Lucy Schwartz Music Video

Little Tybee in Raleigh

Little Tybee in Raleigh, NC (Slims, 9/18/13, with Prypyat)    

View Little Tybee in Raleigh

Shape Notes

Last month my good friend John Kelso was married to Jessica Harris in a small ceremony at the Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church in Bremen, Georgia. John is a fantastic photographer from Atlanta. He and Jessica also take part in the tradition of Southern choral singing known as ...

View Shape Notes

New Music Video – Jury Duty

Here's a new music video, "Jury Duty" for Little Tybee Jury Duty from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo. Starting on the set of our last music video, Boxcar Fair, it's a mini-documentary of the 18 ...

View New Music Video – Jury Duty

River Whyless – Live in Chicago

Asheville, NC-based indie-folk band River Whyless recently jumped off a US tour with Little Tybee. Their debut album "A Stone, A Leaf, an Unfound Door" is a beautiful piece of work that they recorded in the winter of 2011 on Martha's Vineyard. They spent three weeks in an old ...

View River Whyless – Live in Chicago

I’ll Go for That

I love music recorded "in the wild." To wit: this Hall and Oates cover by SF-based Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers, recorded in their van  

View I’ll Go for That

Gypsy Boy

Here is another teaser from A FINE LINE Tennessee Climber Jimmy Webb explains how he can spend a whole season working on a climbing objective, come home broke, and still love the "dirtbag" lifestyle of the full-time climber. Boulder, Colorado climber and artist Peter Beal, who narrates much ...

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