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Damn The Overspray

In my previous post, The Print Ark, I detailed a workflow to produce master prints using the Epson SureColor P900 printer and Epson papers, for creating a lasting physical archive of my best photographic work that could act as a backup against ...

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100 Megapixel IKEA Film Scanner

In late 2020 with a little more time on my hands as the reality of Pandemic shutdown settled in, I embarked on a few projects I'd been putting off for too long: baking bread and scanning film. The bread was easy (Daisy the sourdough starter is still going ...

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The Mapmaker

"You can't take a photo of every boulder in Linville Gorge - but you can draw it." A short film I directed with Carlo Nasisse about ...

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A Dog On A Man On A Horse On The Cover of Garden & Gun

"Got an interesting cover shoot for you..." I love an email that starts this way. When it's from Garden & Gun Photography Director Maggie Kennedy, I know it's going to be epic, and probably something they haven't done before. In this case, a horse on the cover. ...

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Grand Canyon, Phantom Ranch

Over many many years of playing and working in the outdoors I've done some amazing hikes in the National Parks: Paintbrush Divide in the Tetons, Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountains, Half Dome in Yosemite and Chimney Tops in the Smokies. Cadillac Mountain in Acadia and ...

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Deep Creek

The first film I ever worked on was Heart of Stone, a story about rock climbers in the Southern US getting together to open new climbing areas by simply buying land and sharing it with the public, through a nonprofit organization called ...

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Parade of Fools

In 2013 I wrote and photographed a story about Alabama's Little River Canyon for Climbing Magazine, "The Evolution of Canyon Man." ...

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Dry Season

It was while living in Tucson, AZ in the late 90s/early 2000s that I started trying to wriggle out of my computer programming job and make a go at photography. I was shooting film then, mostly 35mm and some medium format and I ...

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The Quail Field Primeval for Garden & Gun Magazine

"The Quail Field Primeval" By T. Edward Nickens Garden & Gun Magazine, April/May 2016 Photo Editor Maggie Kennedy Art Director Marshall McKinney...

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Greetings from the Southeast : A Video Postcard

Client: Chaco & Osprey and Southeastern retailers in collaboration with RootsRated Second DP : Carlo Nasisse

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