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Parade of Fools

In 2013 I wrote and photographed a story about Alabama's Little River Canyon for Climbing Magazine, "The Evolution of Canyon Man." ...

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We Reach the Gulf of Mexico!

After nearly a month of paddling, David and Michael Hanson have reached the Gulf of Mexico for our documentary project, Who Owns Water. Check out this cool ass Flickr interactive map of our travels:

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Lisa Rands bouldering in Alabama

Yes, I am still here. Put together some short clips here from a day at Little River Canyon a couple months ago. Gorgeous day, beautiful spot down by the water. There seems to be little consensus on names or grades here but the overhanging face goes at V7 or something ...

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Summer of Steele

Josh Fowler and I opened our documentary Heart of Stone with a chance encounter in Steele, Alabama.Southeastern Climbers Coalition activist Brad McLeod walked a cliffline with a local landowner and a realtor, talked some turkey, and shook hands at the base of the access trail. The ball ...

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