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Lisa Rands bouldering in Alabama

Yes, I am still here. Put together some short clips here from a day at Little River Canyon a couple months ago. Gorgeous day, beautiful spot down by the water. There seems to be little consensus on names or grades here but the overhanging face goes at V7 or something ...

View Lisa Rands bouldering in Alabama

Gypsy Boy

Here is another teaser from A FINE LINE Tennessee Climber Jimmy Webb explains how he can spend a whole season working on a climbing objective, come home broke, and still love the "dirtbag" lifestyle of the full-time climber. Boulder, Colorado climber and artist Peter Beal, who narrates much ...

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Holding On, Letting Go

From day one, both child and parent are struggling to become their own person, yet the bond that ties them together is the strongest imaginable. It's a livelong balance between hanging on and letting go. Like climbing in many ways. Kate explains it well in this piece we did for ...

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Boxcar Fair named Atlanta’s #1 Music Video of 2011

Just a quick update - I shot a new music video for Little Tybee last month called Boxcar Fair, which was recently  named"Best music video of 2011" by several sources in their annual Atlanta music scene wrap-up, including OhmPark and LatestDisgrace. That is saying ...

View Boxcar Fair named Atlanta’s #1 Music Video of 2011

Mo Better Beta

Speaking of The Beta, here are the next two episodes of The Beta for 2011 if you haven't seen them yet. Again, this series highlights the climbing and climbers of the South, for the Triple Crown Bouldering Series, a world-class three-month long climbing competition that takes place each ...

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The Beta Collection

The first two years of my video series The Beta, which chronicles the climbs and characters of the South for the Triple Crown Bouldering Series, is now available as a FREE HD download exclusively at iClimb.com. Historic stuff....

View The Beta Collection

A Fine Line – The Film

  Announcing A FINE LINE, a new feature-length climbing film by Andrew Kornylak and Josh Fowler and produced by Dead Point Media. Featuring Dave Graham, Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Brion Voges, Peter ...

View A Fine Line – The Film

On the Front Page of YouTube Music today

Nero, the video I shot for Little Tybee with yoyo master Mark Montgomery, is featured on the front page of YouTube's Music page! Here is an older post with some behind the scenes info of how we did it: http://theblindmonkey.com/2010/06/nero_behind_the_scenes/ Since it will cycle out soon, I will ...

View On the Front Page of YouTube Music today

Best Beta Ever?

Best Beta ever? Watch above and then click through to see some behind the scenes on the last two videos of the 2010 Triple Crown

View Best Beta Ever?

The Beta – High Life

Kim Fuelling climbs some classic boulders at Hound Ears in this Beta video

View The Beta – High Life

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