Mug Shot Shout Outs


Nikon World recently redesigned their website, with my ruggedly handsome features as its centerpiece. Well, one of the centerpieces, after a few clicks. The profile Nikon World did on me in the Spring 2009 issue is up there, along with audio of me talking about some pictures. So, if you’ve ever wondered what I sound like, click here.


Last week I was the Special Guest Blogger on Scott Kelby’s blog, The Photoshop Insider. Click to read and join the discussion.

My face also showed up in a profile in Lowepro‘s 2009 catalog.

Photographer Corey Rich took these mug shots of me one day years ago while I was living in Tucson, Arizona. My friend Monica McMillan and I had planned to go out and shoot climbing that day, but Corey called her the night before for the shoot (she tried to break it to me gently). I hung around the parking lot at dawn and invited myself along. I had a blast meeting and learning from Corey, and I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of these headshots, which he graciously snapped for me that morning.

Corey by the way is the co-owner of Aurora Photos, the photo agency I’ve been with since about that time, and he just got married this spring. Congrats man!

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