Red Bull – New Music Videos

Last year I was fortunate to get together again with the band Little Tybee to do a special production for Red Bull.

Red Bull asked Little Tybee to pick three locations important to them in Atlanta and record live music videos at each for their music program called “Sounds of the City


First stop was Studilaroche, where Little Tybee recorded their first album. This is Ben Price’s home studio and he engineered the live sound for all three videos. This new track is called “Empire State”

Second location: Tom Haney‘s beautiful studio in midtown Atlanta, where we recorded another new track among the puppets and automata called “Baritone”


Final stop was of course The Goat Farm, a cool urban venue on Atlanta’s west side where Brock (lead singer) and (violinist) Nirvana live, and where they have played many shows. This was also where we recorded the Boxcar Fair music video a couple years ago. This track is called “Fantastic Planet” from their latest album For Distant Viewing.


What’s your favorite one?

Client: Red Bull

Director: Brock Scott

DP: Andrew Kornylak

Camera 2: Brett May

Edit: Andrew Kornylak & Brock Scott

Sound Engineer: Ben Price / Studilaroche


Published on Nov 05, 2014
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