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Real Photography for Real Estate

I’ve stayed at countless hotels, B&Bs, cabins, lodges, and homes of friends and strangers alike. I’ve seen a lot of generic artwork on these walls and even worse, none at all. To me, nothing is better than lingering in a ...

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Master Prints

Following on the last couple posts here are some master print examples that will be going into the archival boxes for a long time. I've created an account on Instagram where I will ...

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Damn The Overspray

In my previous post, The Print Ark, I detailed a workflow to produce master prints using the Epson SureColor P900 printer and Epson papers, for creating a lasting physical archive of my best photographic work that could act as a backup against ...

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The Print Ark

Over the winter, spurred on by a geneology project for one of his classes at UNC, my son Sam took up the ongoing work on the Kornylak family tree. Several months of research traced our family name back to Skelivka, (Felsztyn in Polish) ...

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The Mapmaker

"You can't take a photo of every boulder in Linville Gorge - but you can draw it." A short film I directed with Carlo Nasisse about ...

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Red Bull – New Music Videos

Last year I was fortunate to get together again with the band Little Tybee to do a special production for Red Bull. Red Bull asked Little Tybee to pick three locations important to them in Atlanta and record live music videos at each for their music program called "Sounds of the ...

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Time Will Tell – Lucy Schwartz Music Video

DP'd this new music video for LA-based singer songwriter Lucy Schwartz. Thankful for the chance to meet this wonderful lady and to work again with the amazing Tom Haney. Visit Tom's blog for some behind-the-scenes of this one  ...

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Five things I’m digging lately

On my 40th birthday, My friend Rob Turan asked me, "With all the incredible media stuff you have shown us. I have wondered what are your personal top five favorites?" Hard to pick 5 favorites but here are five things I've seen lately from friends and strangers that stick out. 1. ...

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Swan – Victoria Grace Roughton

Here's a short piece I shot with Erik Danielson directing Victoria Grace Roughton at a beautiful location in Virginia  

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River Whyless New Album – A Stone, A Leaf, An Unfound Door

I remember the first time I hooked up my violin to an amp when I was in high-school. I played Kashmir about a thousand times, toyed with some Kansas, and that was about it. I'd never play professionally as a classical musician, and it seemed there was no place for ...

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