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Aurora Premium Stock Update

Hit 1000 images on ADOBE PREMIUM STOCK today. I have found a couple things: With the increase in the size and popularity of the Adobe stock catalog, I have less, if any interaction with a human person at the agency, ...

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New Images on Adobe Stock Premium

Since leaving the Aurora Photos photo agency (now Cavan Images) in 2019 after many great and storied years, I have been hunkered down, licensing stock on my own. I've had good success and I enjoy fostering that personal connection with licensing clients, ...

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Master Prints

Following on the last couple posts here are some master print examples that will be going into the archival boxes for a long time. I've created an account on Instagram where I will ...

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Damn The Overspray

In my previous post, The Print Ark, I detailed a workflow to produce master prints using the Epson SureColor P900 printer and Epson papers, for creating a lasting physical archive of my best photographic work that could act as a backup against ...

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The Print Ark

Over the winter, spurred on by a geneology project for one of his classes at UNC, my son Sam took up the ongoing work on the Kornylak family tree. Several months of research traced our family name back to Skelivka, (Felsztyn in Polish) ...

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100 Megapixel IKEA Film Scanner

In late 2020 with a little more time on my hands as the reality of Pandemic shutdown settled in, I embarked on a few projects I'd been putting off for too long: baking bread and scanning film. The bread was easy (Daisy the sourdough starter is still going ...

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A Dog On A Man On A Horse On The Cover of Garden & Gun

"Got an interesting cover shoot for you..." I love an email that starts this way. When it's from Garden & Gun Photography Director Maggie Kennedy, I know it's going to be epic, and probably something they haven't done before. In this case, a horse on the cover. ...

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Grand Canyon, Phantom Ranch

Over many many years of playing and working in the outdoors I've done some amazing hikes in the National Parks: Paintbrush Divide in the Tetons, Longs Peak in the Rocky Mountains, Half Dome in Yosemite and Chimney Tops in the Smokies. Cadillac Mountain in Acadia and ...

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New branding and portfolio with Pedro+Jackie

This fall I have been working with Peter Dennen on a full rebrand, including a new website, print book and marketing strategy. Peter was the Director of Photography at Aurora Photos for many years and recently teamed up with Jackie Ney (of Backpacker Magazine) to do photo consulting as Pedro+Jackie Pedro and ...

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AI-AP International Motion Art Awards – Interview

AI-AP Interviewed the Who Owns Water crew for their International Motion Art Award win - about our documentary film, 30 days of cinema verite on a river, and how social media can give your audience new entry points into the issue    

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