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Help! Help! I’m being infringed!

  Well in more dumb news, the showdown has arrived. The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) copyright infringement and-a-bunch-of-other-stuff legislation currently being debated in Congress has created a schism of sorts. It effectively pits content creators (including large media ...

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On Camera: Not as easy as it looks

A couple years ago Josh Fowler and I shot a short piece for Rock/Creek Outfitters and Chaco Sandals. Among the talking heads was our good friend Chad Wykle,  co-founder of the Triple Crown Bouldering Series. He is great on camera, but even the best have to work a little ...

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7 Steps to a Quicker Photography Career

Deep secrets every successful photographer should know

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Heard on the Radio

Links and interesting reading to check out from NPR, PRI, and the BBC

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Pimp My Wall!

Pimp My Wall - We build a surprise climbing wall for a friend in need, and film it reality-show style

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Dug this up on my iPhone

Check it out! dirt! - Konica Hexar AF, Fuji Velvia 100 To kill time on a flight to Salt Lake I decided to ...

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Summer Reading List

My son Sam just finished Kindergarten, probably his most important milestone, and here's why: He left knowing how to read. As parents milled about his classroom on the last day, kids running crisscross for hugs and farewells, Sam's teacher Ms. Sandifer held each child firmly at arms length, ...

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Mashed Poetoes

For my birthday I got... Spam.This one caught my eye just before I deleted it from my email junk box today. The subject was a line from an Edward Lear poem I read to my son Sam often, called "the Jumblies":...

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