Real Photography for Real Estate

I’ve stayed at countless hotels, B&Bs, cabins, lodges, and homes of friends and strangers alike. I’ve seen a lot of generic artwork on these walls and even worse, none at all.

To me, nothing is better than lingering in a room punctuated by a beautiful photograph or two that resonates with the geography of the surroundings. Such a touch makes me feel at home – or at least gives the impression of a Home. It also gets me exited to explore a bit.

More exploring = more memories, and that’s what you want your guests to leave with after all!

TodayI am launching B&B Art, offering open-edition prints, thoughtfully curated from over 1 million images spanning 25+ years of award-winning outdoor, adventure and travel photography.

The images are grouped by the most popular rental home experiences and will be periodically rotated with others from the archive as well as new images to keep things fresh and unique.

Artwork brings a great return on investment, enhancing both the in-home experience and the marketing value of the listing.

Check out the collection at

Published on Jan 29, 2024
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