Dogs Unleashed!

I Shot this piece in the fall for Whitewater, which is now adding a 70-acre fenced off-leash dog area that will probably be the largest of its kind in the US. There will be an event pavilion, retail, food and of course a beer garden. Of course even on-leash the Whitewater Center is 1,300 acres of pure doggo fun.

So fun putting this together! Really hit on the perfect tone for this one with Pete Seeger’s folk song “Mr Rabbit”

🎥 Director, DP, Editor: Me
✈️Aerials and C2: Tyler Reinhold
📸 Stills & Production Sean Rich/Whitewater
🐕 Talent/wrangling Heather Phillips and other doggos
🪕 “Mr Rabbit” by Pete Seeger/Smithsonian Folkways

Published on Mar 28, 2024
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