The Most Important Tool for Doc/Adventure Photogs and Filmmakers

I’ve been neglecting you, poor Monkey. I promise I will bring you more updates to eat.

I’ll start here: I’ve begun shooting with Michael and David Hanson on this water documentary project, “Who Owns Water?” We’ve put together a website where you can follow along:

Check out the Flickr feed too.

B-roll with the Sony F3

We all cannot stress too much how valuable the iPhone is to the documentary/adventure photographer and filmmaker. Yes, we all know what these things are capable of. Network coverage is near-universal. You can send photos from anywhere instantly to everyone, coordinate and keep in touch via text, navigate via gps… Standard. But when it all comes together to work so powerfully, it’s beautiful. This screenshot tells it all:


It also brings up something else: Solar chargers! I’ll have a review soon…

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