Social Media Blitz for the Water Documentary


Check out our website and our Flickr feed for the Who Owns Water documentary. Filmmakers Michael and David Hanson and I have been putting together some stuff on the backend to keep the project stoked for social media:


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 10.12.49 AM


The brothers post iPhone photos to Instagram with the #whoownswater hashtag and some location information, and it gets automatically fed to our Flickr account, Who Owns Water. I periodically keyword and recaption those photos, and when I have something interesting to blog, tweet or Facebook about, I can pull from that cache of photos.

As you can see above, Flickr also has a map feature where you can view geotagged photos. Nice for following them down the rivers to the Gulf. Bring ’em a beer if you are in the area!

I find that a Twitter feed is hard to build from scratch and Facebook has too much overhead, so I am targeting Instagram as the entry point. It makes sense because the information we want to share is so image-driven.

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