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Jutah Rhyme : Repatriation Song

While on assignment in Jamaica for Foodie TV I wandered into Chop Chop Productions, a recording studio in Negril. My director David was busy doing some work for Southern Living so I decided to spend the day with these cats. We listened to some music and shot an impromptu music video. ...

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Red Bull – New Music Videos

Last year I was fortunate to get together again with the band Little Tybee to do a special production for Red Bull. Red Bull asked Little Tybee to pick three locations important to them in Atlanta and record live music videos at each for their music program called "Sounds of the ...

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Music Video : Little Tybee / Jury Duty

Here's a new music video, "Jury Duty" for Little Tybee Jury Duty from Andrew Kornylak on Vimeo. Starting on the set of our last music video, Boxcar Fair, it's a mini-documentary of the 18 ...

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On the Front Page of YouTube Music today

Nero, the video I shot for Little Tybee with yoyo master Mark Montgomery, is featured on the front page of YouTube's Music page! Here is an older post with some behind the scenes info of how we did it: http://theblindmonkey.com/2010/06/nero_behind_the_scenes/ Since it will cycle out soon, I will ...

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Behind the scenes on a unique music video shoot for Little Tybee with one of the worlds top yo-yo masters, Mark Montgomery

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