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A Dog On A Man On A Horse On The Cover of Garden & Gun

"Got an interesting cover shoot for you..." I love an email that starts this way. When it's from Garden & Gun Photography Director Maggie Kennedy, I know it's going to be epic, and probably something they haven't done before. In this case, a horse on the cover. ...

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Shape Notes

Last month my good friend John Kelso was married to Jessica Harris in a small ceremony at the Holly Springs Primitive Baptist Church in Bremen, Georgia. John is a fantastic photographer from Atlanta. He and Jessica also take part in the tradition of Southern choral singing known as ...

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Jennifer & Eric

I was so honored to photograph Jennifer & Eric Patterson's wedding in Cincinnati, Ohio last month. Jennifer grew up "one field over" from us in Hamilton, Ohio. Here are some of my favorites:  ...

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Honey Hole

My first photo in a magazine was a self-portrait, hand pulling a lead rope up a limestone cave in So. Arizona. Outside Magazine Sept 2002. It took two more years to get my first real editorial assignment, a week-long junket for the magazine Hooked on the Outdoors. Armed with my ...

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The Most Important Tool for Doc/Adventure Photogs and Filmmakers

I've been neglecting you, poor Monkey. I promise I will bring you more updates to eat. I'll start here: I've begun shooting with Michael and David Hanson on this water documentary project, "Who Owns Water?" We've put together a website where you can follow along: www.whoownsowater.org Check out the ...

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Hot Glass and Wild Trails

Shot this on a Sony F3 this fall for Wild Trails, along with footage from our team: Brett May, Brandon Campbell, and Jake Wheeler. Music by Industrial Sound Bank, Jami Sieber

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The Tribe

My latest work for the Triple Crown Bouldering Series and prAna. A Short film called The Tribe, that traces the Crown back to its roots in the tight-knit climbing community of Boone, North Carolina. Shot on the Sony F3 with Nikon lenses. Lots of handheld work here. Plus some GoPro footage....

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Gypsy Boy

Here is another teaser from A FINE LINE Tennessee Climber Jimmy Webb explains how he can spend a whole season working on a climbing objective, come home broke, and still love the "dirtbag" lifestyle of the full-time climber. Boulder, Colorado climber and artist Peter Beal, who narrates much ...

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The Vision of Dave Graham

As part of our new feature climbing film A FINE LINE, co-director Josh Fowler and I spent a week shooting with some of the best boulderers in the world, Daniel Woods, Jimmy Webb, Dave Graham and others in Castle Rocks, Idaho as they tried a landmark climb called Warpath. The ...

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Rock/Creek’s Upchuck 50K Trail Race in Black and White

In the latest trail race video I shot for Chattanooga outdoor retailer Rock/Creek, I decided to do something a little different. The Upchuck 50K is one of the toughest trail races in the country, and in just a few years has become a cult-classic, and a sought-after hardman notch ...

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