The Beta #12: Alabama Spring

Tyler Willcutt is a hard climber and hardworking climbers advocate from Alabama. His group The ACTION Fund is dedicated to cleaning up and replacing the old decrepit bolts and hangers littering the perfect sandstone of the Southeast US. If you’ve been climbing long enough, you know what I am talking about. I’ve personally seen hangers pop at Little River Canyon, and I’ve pulled a bolt anchor out with my bare hands. Most climbers, especially those bred in the climbing gym, have no idea the kind of work it takes to safely install permanent protection, and that it has to be maintained over the years.

The Triple Crown Bouldering Series helps fund local initiatives like this by allowing them to fund raise during the event. For the 2011 finals at Horse Pens 40 Ranch in Alabama, Tyler and the ACTION Fund sold beer and food to raise money to keep our crags safe and open. So next time you take a 25-footer on the sharp end at the Canyon and find yourself still alive, you can thank Tyler and the Triple Crown.

Horse Pens 40 Ranch near Steele, Alabama is one of the most popular bouldering areas in the South, and celebrated around the world for its unique bulbous sandstone boulders. The Shultz family owns and maintains this beautiful mountaintop piece of property for bluegrass festivals, retreats, horse rehab, and of course, climbing. They love climbers but it takes an enormous effort to keep the place running, especially through the winter. I wish climbers would return the love: pay the fees and remember that you are playing in someone else’s backyard.

Check out the latest Beta video I produced for the Triple Crown with Tyler at Horse Pens 40. Tyler cranks a few hard HP40 classics and Mike Shultz poses a challenge for all would-be southern strongmen: The Alabama Spring. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Adam Henry.

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