Deep Creek

The first film I ever worked on was Heart of Stone, a story about rock climbers in the Southern US getting together to open new climbing areas by simply buying land and sharing it with the public, through a nonprofit organization called ...

Parade of Fools

In 2013 I wrote and photographed a story about Alabama's Little River Canyon for Climbing Magazine, "The Evolution of Canyon Man." ...

Lest Ye Be Judged

Eric Scully in Tucson, AZ In 2010 I photographed a cover story for Rock & Ice Magazine about Arizona climber Eric Scully. As a counterpoint to the fluffy hero worship you usually find in these magazines, writer ...

Dry Season

It was while living in Tucson, AZ in the late 90s/early 2000s that I started trying to wriggle out of my computer programming job and make a go at photography. I was shooting film then, mostly 35mm and some medium format and I ...

The Quail Field Primeval for Garden & Gun Magazine

"The Quail Field Primeval" By T. Edward Nickens Garden & Gun Magazine, April/May 2016 Photo Editor Maggie Kennedy Art Director Marshall McKinney...

Greetings from the Southeast : A Video Postcard

Client: Chaco & Osprey and Southeastern retailers in collaboration with RootsRated Second DP : Carlo Nasisse

Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats for Garden & Gun

New Back Porch Session live music video for Garden & Gun Magazine, shot in Asheville, NC at the Grey Eagle : Latest. Click to see the video

Stranger in a Strange Land

Teaser from our award-winning documentary film WHO OWNS WATER

Blanc Creatives for the Garden & Gun Made in the South Awards

Made portraits and a video of the gentlemen at Blanc Creatives in Charlottesville, VA. Overall Winner of the 2015 Garden & Gun Made in the South Awards. See the piece here. Photos:...

A FINE LINE: What Now?

New excerpt from our climbing film A Fine Line. When you've done most of the hard lines in your area, what now? Brian Voges breaks it down.

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