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Who Owns Water?

I will be a DP on this documentary film by Upstream Productions on the great rivers of the Deep South, to tell the story about our most precious resource. Producers Michael and David Hanson will be traveling the Chattahoochee and Flint Rivers from headwaters to mouth, and I will be joining ...

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Hot Glass and Wild Trails

Shot this on a Sony F3 this fall for Wild Trails, along with footage from our team: Brett May, Brandon Campbell, and Jake Wheeler. Music by Industrial Sound Bank, Jami Sieber

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Socks on their hands, no belt, roller skates.

 A Few Portraits from The Stone Fort, Tennessee. October 12 2012:

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On the Warpath

This article I wrote about our time in Idaho while Josh Fowler and I shot our film A Fine Line originally appeared in the June/August 2011 issue of (the now-defunct) Deadpoint Magazine. The working title of the film ...

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Lisa Rands bouldering in Alabama

Yes, I am still here. Put together some short clips here from a day at Little River Canyon a couple months ago. Gorgeous day, beautiful spot down by the water. There seems to be little consensus on names or grades here but the overhanging face goes at V7 or something ...

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Holding On, Letting Go

From day one, both child and parent are struggling to become their own person, yet the bond that ties them together is the strongest imaginable. It's a livelong balance between hanging on and letting go. Like climbing in many ways. Kate explains it well in this piece we did for ...

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Interview with Musician Philipp Weigl

Germany-based musician Philipp Weigl is a composer of ambient, electronic and downtempo music. His track "Save" is featured on my film A FINE LINE, during the "Dream Sequence" where Dave Graham is waking from another freaky dream about Libya and wandering the Idaho wastes looking for rock (was ...

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Rock/Creek’s Upchuck 50K Trail Race in Black and White

In the latest trail race video I shot for Chattanooga outdoor retailer Rock/Creek, I decided to do something a little different. The Upchuck 50K is one of the toughest trail races in the country, and in just a few years has become a cult-classic, and a sought-after hardman notch ...

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A Dark Corner, Briefly Illuminated

The University of Tennessee in Knoxville is hosting an exhibit of my work all this month (November 2011). The exhibit, produced for the Visual Arts Committee, is titled "The Dark Art of Climbing Photography". UT let me pick the theme of the exhibit so I thought this would ...

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The Beta #12: Alabama Spring

Tyler Willcutt is a hard climber and hardworking climbers advocate from Alabama. His group The ACTION Fund is dedicated to cleaning up and replacing the old decrepit bolts and hangers littering the perfect sandstone of the Southeast US. If you've been climbing long enough, you know what I am talking ...

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