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March 10, 2010 // Random
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I often find myself in the carport jotting down notes on my iphone after hearing something particularly compelling on NPR, BBC, or some other public radio show. Here's an excerpt, and I am including links to the original shows. Don't ask me how they are out of order. 

Now could someone make an app for that? Hit record, it hears the show, and saves a link to hear it later. Do it!

In praise of doubt - book [Diane Rehm Show Aug 12 2009]
Creative commons music - Cody and notes - Gnawlage [PRI's The World Aug 21, 2009]
The plan fund microfinance [Tell Me More, Aug 19, 2009]
17 superrich - Nader, only the superrich can save us [Weekend Edition Sep 26, 2009]
The myth of digital democracy [I think this was just my thought bubble, but this Evgeny Morozov FP Story is relevant]
Leanne hanson story on up Michigan [Weekend Edition Sunday, Sep 27, 2009]
Justice (book) Michael Sendel [Diane Rehm Show Oct 7, 2009]

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